Taipei: A night walk

This post does not make much sense. One day, approximately at 1 AM, I went out of my hotel room. I have walked about 4 metro stations and got back.

Night road signs. There is almost no traffic on the street, I haven’t met that during a day time.

IMG_0654On the lower pointer it’s written: “RenAi Rd.”. RenAi is “love” in Japanese, as far as I know. Quite nice idea to name streets and roads.

Some ads.

IMG_0629Metro station.

IMG_0634Streets with almost no people.

IMG_0632 IMG_0643A night shop.


Bright lights.


Pedestriants have right of way.

IMG_0640A little square.



3 thoughts on “Taipei: A night walk”

    1. Night city is always different from the one you see during the day. For me, the difference was at least in absence of such a huge amount of people and quite low traffic. Well, I am not sure I would have gone for a walk in different city, but Taipei is very safe so it was pleasant look at it during the night.


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