Taipei: Metro

Probably, the last post in my Taiwan series will be about Metro in Taipei. Why metro? Well, because I like ordinary aspects of life of the citizens in the particular places. Whatever, all that towers, museums, temples, fortresses reflect only the past of the place. In order to discover at least something of the present, you need to look at what is around you. I always try to follow this rule.

From the first glance, metro in Taipei looks rather complicated. Nevertheless, it appeared for me to simpler that I have met in Prague, five moths later my Taiwan trip.

The first thing you meet is the ticket automate. This is quite natural thing from all the countries I have visited. Only in Minsk, the tickets are still being sold by human.

IMG_1026If you look closer to the what is on the top of the automaton, you’ll see a metro map. The numbers, written in the circles are prices you need to pay for the travel to this station.

IMG_1029Metro tokens.

IMG_1043 IMG_1042

In order to pass the turnstile, you need to bring your token to the scanning device. Then, you’ll be able to enter.

IMG_1027Inside of the station.

IMG_1032 IMG_1034Inside of the train.

IMG_1194 IMG_1036Taiwanese people do care about the disabled/old/pregnant people. Do you see those dark blue seats on the lower photo? (if you don’t, they’re probably for you) They’re reserved for those who is in need of them. I was warned that people won’t understand if I seat at these seats. And I haven’t seen anybody without some “visible” reason, using them. In fact, in some Slavic countries I have also seen the “priority seats”, but they we treated like regular seats, and left unnoticed.



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