Barcelona: a walk in the city

This post is of the same kind as this one. Just a few details of the city. Of course, there will be the post about the sightseeing places.

Typical view in La Rambla boulevard district. This is not the legendary boulevard itself.

IMG_1834Here are the views from the window of the hotel room I have lived in.

IMG_1823 IMG_1824 IMG_1828 And here we see some narrow streets. Basically, narrow streets are very common thing for Europe, but the visit to Barcelona was the first one I have had after a long break (I have been to Italy in the September of 2012). So it was quite unusual for me, same as for anyone who’s not accustomed to it. “Unusual” in a good sense of this word.

I’ve met a lot of pigeons at Plaça de Catalunya, like at some square in Venice. The Square of Catalonia was the first sightseeing place I have met, because it was located about 300m from my hotel. On the photo there is a hand of sleepy me, trying to feed them. Thanks to RedBull, I have had a longer walk in my first day.

IMG_1861All the taxis look the same. The color is yellow-black.

IMG_1982The police.

IMG_1996The advertisements in Spain. Be careful, the girl is not a part of the ad.

IMG_2120More ads!

IMG_2190The thing I have really liked in Barcelona is public bicycles. There are a lot of bicycle-parkings in the city by Vodafone, so that you can get a bike in some place of the city, then have a ride to your destination, and then leave it at the another stop. That is really a great idea! Say, you’re late somewhere, or just don’t have a bicycle – there’s a simple solution. Moreover, it’s really healthy and pleasant to have a ride on the bike.

IMG_2163Nevertheless, when I have tried to use one of such bicycles, I have faced some difficulties and it appeared that I couldn’t use them. There should have been be a subscription for a year or so. But that was not a great obstacle for me to ride a bike on the Barcelona embankment, because the staff in the shop nearby was really friendly and even without knowledge of English, they’ve let me know that those bikes can’t be taken that easily and showed me the way to the nearest rent-a-bicycle service.IMG_2775Somewhere there are two kinds of traffic lights: one for the pedestriants, and one more for the cyclists. But actually, a lot of the pedestriants doesn’t observe traffic rules.

IMG_2766The road markings.

IMG_2486Special offers in the food shop. Just like in Belarus. By the way, there is always a simple way to learn the word “discount” in the language of the country you’re currently in. Go to the crowded shopping street, look at the inscriptions on shop windows. The most frequent word among what is written on them, will mean “discounts” in the language of this country.

IMG_2480The playground.

IMG_2657Football is quite popular here, so such fields can be met in the center of the city.

IMG_2643If you didn’t observe the rules, while riding the bike, you’ll probably need a pharmacy. The classic plus-sign of the pharmacy is in a bit more complex form.

IMG_1985There was a registered case of ebola in Spain, here’s even ebola-related social ad. Two months later, I have met the similar one in Rome.

IMG_2576At last, there is a small lifehack. The official souvenir shops sell them for a quite large price. Nevertheless, you can find some street bargainers, who’ll sell them to you in a price of 1 euro (I’ve bought some magnets at them) that is 3.5 times lower that the official price. Not sure whether the souvenir shops make the price high on purpose or the things that street bargainers sell are stolen, but the fact remains.

One of the bargainers’ colleagues stands on the lookout and when the police approaches, shouts loudly. The bargainers pack very fast and get lost in the crowd.



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