Barcelona: Places of Interest

Barcelona has a lot of very popular places that attract tourists from the whole world. Here are some, that I have met during my walks.

The first one is La Rambla boulevard. It is quite legendary among the tourists, all the time there’s a lot of people, speaking a lot of different languages. Here’s a view to the boulevard that I have had during my breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant.

IMG_2019Let’s get out of the hotel and have a little walk. In five minutes, we get to La Boqueria market.

IMG_2037The market specializes more on the food. There are cool fruit mixes. If you happen to visit La Boqueria, try them, they’re really lovely.

IMG_2062There are also cute sweets.

IMG_2048And seafood.

IMG_2054 IMG_2059Have a little walk to the port of Barcelona.

IMG_2175 IMG_2177 IMG_2183Looks like the Aquarium of Barcelona is near!

IMG_2203 IMG_2215 IMG_2271Time to have a dinner.


IMG_2308 IMG_2310Moving to the cableway.

IMG_2412 IMG_2421A perfect place to get a panorama of the city. I am really passionate about such views.

IMG_2435 IMG_2449Let us start one more lap! Moving to the gothic church. That is the church outside.

IMG_2604Moving inside.

IMG_2622 IMG_2625Light a candle with a coin: not the best idea.

IMG_2620La Sagrada Familia. This is a church that is still under construction. It was projected by Antonio Gaudi. This place is much nicer than it looks at the photoes, so when you’ll stay in Barcelona, do consider visiting it.

IMG_2669 IMG_2702The last (but not the least) place is Guell Park, again, by Antonio Gaudi.

IMG_2863If want to have a really nice panorama, this place is one of the best possible choices.



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