Barcelona: Metro, Food, Graffiti

I feel a very strong need to write about metro in Barcelona. Going forward, the metro is as bright as in Taipei, so there will be only a part of the post about it. Then, there will be a bit about Spanish food and a bit about graffiti. The graffiti culture isn’t a popular as in Lisbon, for example. But still, there are some worth noticing, in comparison with Minsk.

Like in Taipei, metro starts with a ticket-selling automate.

IMG_2500The ticket is a card, not a token.IMG_2502Some transitions between stations on the different lanes are very long, but there you can meet some artists, who’ll play cheerful Spanish songs.

IMG_2505The metro platform.

IMG_2506Inside of the train.

IMG_2509They use Windows in the subway. Epic fail.

IMG_2668There are two kinds of subway trains in Barcelona. That was the first kind – the less comfortable trains. Now, the second kind. Even the tickets differ, though the prices are not.

IMG_2984Inside of the comfortable train.

IMG_2989If you have a walk on one of the central streets in Barcelona, you’ll have a lot of cafes that propose you to taste their Paella and Tapas. The food quality in the cafes on the central streets is pretty low, but if you move to some adjacent streets, you’ll have a chance to enjoy cool Spanish cuisine.

There are a lot of kinds of Tapas.

IMG_2962 IMG_2963IMG_2712The paella is somehow similar to the pilaff, but at the same time, they differ quite a lot. Paella is more frequently served with seafood. It is made on the individual pan, specially on your order.

IMG_2715One may find it expensive to eat at the classical cuisine restaurants all the time, so did we. Luckily, there are a lot of relatively cheap fastfoods: McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, KFC.. To my surprise, these places aren’t crowded at all. That probably means that Spanish people doesn’t really like junk food – very nice of them. The situation in Belarus is directly opposite: even if there’s an excursion of the pupils from the provincial cities to the capital, there’s almost always a such a destination (happily, this is only one of many destinations) as McDonalds. Though there’re a lot of ways to eat cheaper and healthier – perhaps, one day I will write a post about ordinary life in Minsk. Among all this fastfood variety, my choice is Subway.

IMG_2664Graffiti looks like a common thing in Spain. I mean, real graffiti, not just tags with a marker. Here’re a few of the most notable ones.

IMG_2929 IMG_2940


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