Heritage of the USSR

(or what you can suddenly find in the old house)

Lot of time ago, my girlfriend’s Kate family bought a house. Later, they’ve found these things in the box from the lollipops under the bookshelf. Today, when looking for something on the attic, Kate have found this box again.

The text at the medals (from the leftmost one to the rightmost): the honor of labour reserves, for the labour during Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), Belarusian railway.


Belarusian railway (1871-1971).

10256941_349915541886114_495942653642497787_oFor labour during Great Patriotic War.

1979250_349915585219443_4550694825540976608_oMedal in honor of victory in the Great Patriotic Way. Text on the medal: “We have won!”

11053476_349915588552776_4885478876891709424_oThe honour of labour reserves.

11050325_349915545219447_4169050193726052476_oThe medal certificate.

11084140_349915458552789_2194145398473608116_oThe collection of poems in honor of 100 year from the birth day of Lenin. The title is “Lenin with us.”. There are only 5000 copies of it.

1500871_349915501886118_9194232645117019419_oA memory about Soviet Union.



3 thoughts on “Heritage of the USSR”

  1. За значок отличника коллекционеры могут и подраться. Раритет!


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