Laos and religion

I’ve stayed for 3 days in Laos, tomorrow I will be back to Kuala-Lumpur in order to continue my journey and head to Cambodia.

Laos itself is way more interesting that it seems on the first glance, but I will only post some religous details of the country.

The first thing that I’ve noted even on the way from the airport are temples. There’re literary hundreds of temples, some alleys contains only them. The majority of temples are Buddhist temples, though I’ve seen a mosque here too.

IMG_7997IMG_8001 IMG_7998Inside of a temple’s territory there’s a graveyard. Actually it took me some time to realize that these are actually graves, but the portraits and dates show that it’s actually so.

IMG_8003 IMG_8005 IMG_8006

The size varies and probably depends on the status of the person.


Though the country is a bit poor one, every more or less significant building, namely the shop, house, or a hotel has a little buddist temple near it. Perhaps it needed to pray regularly, without visiting the “big brothers” of the temples.

IMG_8154 IMG_8011 IMG_8012There’re also lots of monks in the town. During the trip, lots of people, especially in Malaysia asked me about where I’m from and stuff, or looked strangely on me. Lao people are nice and very calm. Lao monks are extremely calm. I’ve managed to get a photo with them even twice.

IMG_8035 IMG_8039I suppose that the monks have dormitories in the temples area. They often can be meet and they do anything: tidying up the area, mowing grass, or sometimes play mobile phone games.

IMG_8422 IMG_8336After all, there are a few buddhist-related sightseeing places in Vientiane.

Pha That Luang.

IMG_8272And That Dam.

IMG_8285Laos is probably the only country that has such a strong connection with Buddhism. So the impressions you get here are also very special and unique.


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