Night markets in Vientiane

South-East Asia is very hot, so it is quite hard to stay outside for the whole day without any break. So, the people who trade at the markets in Vientiane (and, in fact, in a lot of other cities) decided to trade in the evening or in the early night. And now we call such markets “Night Markets”.

In Vientiane, you will most probably come to a night market for the first time when you feel hungry and realize that the cafes and restaurants are either closed, or too expensive.

There are two night markets. The first one is placed behind the stadium and starts its’ work at 5 PM. The market is mostly concentrated on the food. It is being cooked right on the street, with most probably dirty hands, and you won’t have any washbasin to wash yours. Usually, more than one people stands at the counter: one of them does the cooking and the trading and another one does something to get rid of the flies, because there’re a lot of them at this market.

IMG_8072 IMG_8065 IMG_8064Doesn’t sound very good, but on the other hand, here you can taste the things that these people cook for themselves in their houses. You can try something delicious (or get a viral or parasital disease, if you’re not lucky enough). All in all, that was the only choice for me, so I’ve bought two dishes, each for 5000 kip ~ 0.60$.

The first was some more or less “traditional” rice with vegetables.

IMG_8068I wasn’t lucky with the second dish – it was uneatable something. I thought I won’t get any further than my guest house in the next day, but I was lucky enough. I’ve given this dish to the homeless dogs, but they weren’t very enthusiastic in eating it too.

IMG_8069The more serious and interesting market is placed in the park on the shore of Mekong river. The main kinds of goods sold are clothes (rather cheap – a T-Shirt for 25000-30000 kip), iPhone covers and necklaces (5000 – 40000 kip). And also some sovenir stuff like old coins and various statues.

IMG_8488 IMG_8489 IMG_8490 IMG_8491 IMG_8493 IMG_8495Nearby there’s a line of people who cook and sell various food. I’ve tasted a pancake here and it was pretty nice.

IMG_8440 IMG_8447 IMG_8455 IMG_8465


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