Photoes and selfies with animals from Zoo Negara, Kuala-Lumpur

Zoo Negara is located in Kuala-Lumpur. It is quite hard to get there and not to pay much for the transportation. We’ve got there by going to Wangsa Maju LRT station and then taking a Rapid KL bus. But the buses are really rare, so we were forced to wait for forty minutes, in fact, outside the city at a non-conditioned bus stop for the return trip.

The ticket will cost for about 22$, but that was totally worth it – there were rare animals, even those of whom I’ve never heard about (taking into account that I’ve visited zoos in Thailand and Beerwah, Australia it is quite cool).

Meet giant tortoise and capibara.

IMG_7731 IMG_7747Flamingos.

IMG_7750An elephant (mm, yeah, it’s a classic).

IMG_7841I’ve also made a use of the recently boungt selfie stick.

Selfie with girrafe =)

IMG_7867Selfie with deers.

IMG_7745And my favourite one! Selfie with giant panda!



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