How a hotel gave me credit card details of strangers

As you probably know, I am on a more than month long journey in South-East Asia. Now I have lack of time to write large posts, but mainly because I spend most of the time exploring the sights, so I will most probably write more when I get back.

I happened to stay in a 3* hotel in Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon), Vietnam. The whole hotel was average but rather cheap for this location and service – that is why I’ve chosen it.

The stay was mainly “alright” – if don’t consider the non-sicking water in the shower, all was fine.

Since me and my girlfriend are travelling for about 20 days already, we’ve faced a situation when we need to print our boarding passes for web checked-in flight to Kuching. We’ve decided to ask the reception desk about where in the city we can do it. It appeared that the hotel provided a self-service for this kind of stuff (I mean, printing) and provides two PCs from which you can print the required from your flash drives. That was very nice of this hotel.

Later, during the check-in time, I’ve realized that the printing was done on a paper that was used from one of the sides. To make things worse, this side contained private faxes sent from service to the hotel reception.

IMG_9400It contains anything you need to withdraw money from this credit card for online shopping, hotels reservations, air tickets, international terrorism support.

Well done, hotel!

So this was a lesson. You never know and if you travel much, probably, your credit card information will be given to a random stranger. So, choose more respected hotels.

Instead of P.S.

When I checked out of a hotel, I did not yet knew about what I will find in the paper I’ve printed a day ago. But the hotel staff didn’t used my credit card information that was sent by to the hotel previously. I’ve paid by my Visa just like in an ordinary shop.

At the gate check-in, they’ve torn my boarding pass paper in twain, so now one part of it is missing.


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