Cat statues in Kuching

In Malaysian, “kuching” translates as “cat”. The city is sometimes called “cat city”. There is one nice pecularity – there are a lot of cat statues. If you walk in the city, you can meet a lot of them.

The first one you can met is on the square between the shore and Nova Kuching Hotel, near one of Kuching’s McDonald’s.

IMG_9452Another one can be met in Kuching Park next to one of the large buildings.

IMG_9511Next to this cat, there is a playground surrounded by bushes with a few cats.

IMG_9514 IMG_9526 IMG_9531Another one is located at Jalan Padungan.



One thought on “Cat statues in Kuching”

  1. I’ve been around the cat museum, something different :-o)
    My first visit to Kuching was in 1966 and when I returned a few years ago couldn’t understand why the river never dropped until I was told that they had built a damn across the river mouth and only opened it on a Friday afternoon. . . . . to clear any floating rubbish out of the river.


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