To survive in Jakarta, part. 1

It took some time to recall it all. My writing skills are poor, but if you read the whole story I will be pleased that I did all this not completely in vain.

Jakarta is not a touristic city. If you want to see Indonesia, you’d better fly to Bali or reconsider your decision. There is even nothing much to see there, except lots of museums (usually boring) and amusement parks.

I did not manage to see any of these interest places, I’ve only seen some criminal, child labour, poorness, and wounded senseless people.

How come? It all started with visiting this city on the 10-th of August. Our flight arrived in Jakarta at 5 pm, and by 6-30 pm we were ready to leave our hotel for a walk.

IMG_9731The hotel was located in Gambir district, next to some government buildings. The whole street was dark though. Later I’ve realized that it’s a common thing here, unless you’re walking on a major street with, say, six or more lanes for the autos. Even those streets themselves are very deserted, and you can hardly meet somebody but a non-suspicious young people’s groups.

We’re going now to our first destination – national independence monument. The monument is located inside a park and park doesn’t work at such late evening. Nevertheless, lots of Indonesian youth can be seen inside. Basically, they just climb over the fence or between the its’ sticks.

IMG_9720Right here, near the gates there is a night market with some usual souvenir garbage. In particular, you can buy 3 low-quality T-shirts with a bit ugly prints for 3$.

IMG_9724 IMG_9723Nearby, there was a guy with his horse who offered a ride in the dark closed park. No, thanks.

IMG_9721We’ve got back to the deserted central street. Since this is a central street, no peeing is allowed.IMG_9758People play various games.

IMG_9762The way back was just fine till the moment we’ve reached the final street, about which I’ve told you in the beginning. When only about 100 or 200 meters were remain, a sudden bike with two guys, just from nowhere appeared and then is the moment I’ve completely lost control of the situation for a few seconds. I was somehow knocked down by the bicycle, rolled the asphalt a few times, dragged the asphalt for some time and finally lying on the ground.

Here the first part ends, but the story is to be continued.


3 thoughts on “To survive in Jakarta, part. 1”

  1. Actually Jakarta had some spots for tourist, but as you know Jakarta is too crowded for relaxing. You can try to go to Pulau Seribu (!000 islands), maybe more interesting. I am sorry about your feeling of Jakarta. I lived in Jakarta a while, but I didn’t like it.


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