To survive in Jakarta, part. 2

The way back was just fine till the moment we’ve reached the final street, about which I’ve told you in the beginning. When only about 100 or 200 meters were remain, a sudden bike with two guys, just from nowhere appeared and then is the moment I’ve completely lost control of the situation for a few seconds. I was somehow knocked down by the bicycle, rolled the asphalt a few times, dragged the asphalt for some time and finally lying on the ground. My girlfriend was dragging meters further than me, with one hand keeping the handbag, in a way she can’t release it. I was able to shout something like “Brosa~j sumku” (release the bag, in Russian), not understanding why she don’t do this, but what I actually shouted was like “Booooaaa uuuuku”, because my brain was still refusing to understand what is happening now. I ran for her, as she was released by them just a few seconds later. I then noted that there were a few more guys on foot after us, but meter.. two.. and security guard from the hotel spotted us, and about five staff men ran for us. We’ve hardly went to our room.

Scared staff provided us with an iodine and the toilet paper for the initial wound processing, but since we’ve had a lot of them and I worried much for Kate, I decided we need a doctor. Since it was hard for us to go, I went downstairs and met a staff man.

– “We’ve got lots wounds, we need a doctor”, – I said.
– “Sorry?”
– “Get us a doctor, we need a doctor in the room five-o-seven, please.”

Staff man asked his colleague for something, then said: “We can get you to the hospital, it is close, can be reached by a walk”. Ha ha, fine, man, let them finish us when we’re looking for your freaking hospital in the night.

– “We can ask somebody to go with you.. And call a taxi..”, he said after a small pause. That was better, but he still didn’t understand that the doctor is needed here and now. Doesn’t this country has things like ambulance and so?

– “We need it NOW. I am sure there is a way to get the doctor here. Please do it. I will wait upstairs in the room five-o-seven. Call us, when he’s in the hotel”.

– “Ok, ok”.

Ten minutes later, I’ve got a call. Nothing new in fact, he said that he failed to get a doctor to us. Um, I am so freaking surprised. nothing is left. We went to the hospital.

The hospital was a continuation of the evening’s horrors. Five senseless people with drop counters and oxygen masks were lying right in the hall. We’ve stood there for a minute, then were spotted and our guide from the hotel described them our situation. The first person to process the wounds was Kate. She went behind the screen, meanwhile two young nurses were interviewing us about what have happened. Right in the same room, which was, by the way, adjacent to the hall there was an operation on some senseless old lady. Like in the movie, there was a device next to her which was showing her current blood pressure stats and beeping. Once a series of short beeps changed to one long beep, doctor did something and the series of short beeps returned. After a few minutes, there was a constant long beep. It all looked to me as a mess, soon the old lady was moved somewhere out, another senseless person was moved in by the staff and another operation begun.

When I was a child, I often got wounded my knees and elbows. If I got wound in Belarus I either don’t care about it or my mom spotted the wound, then we just used the iodine and then don’t care about it too. When you get wounds, especially, a lot of wounds in Indonesia (perhaps, in the rest of the world too), you first get each wound processes with some first kind of antiseptics. Then, with some second kind of antiseptics. Then, an injection should be made to prevent the infection. Then, you need to have antibiotics course for a few days, again, to prevent the infections. At least all that was the doctor’s prescriptions.

It was 1 am already when our “guide” called a taxi back. We went through the slums this time. Lots of folks, 13-25 years of age, looking really bad. Of course it is obvious why they’re all chill out there between abandoned buildings, but at the same time, hard to think of what you’ve can probably become after meeting them outside a taxi at that time. Because well, after those robberies, victims are usually been killed.

All the medicine we’ve got for free at the hotel. We didn’t leave it on the next 1.5 days, and then flew away from there. Now it it 5 days away (and the post was planned, yeah) and we feel significantly better, thanks to all care and medicine. Our next destination was Yangon and we’ve had a good time there and didn’t miss anything though applied medicine and care.

The only time I finally went out in Jakarta was an hour before our leaving to the airport. I needed an ATM to get some cash for taxi. I was hobbling for about two kilometers (and two kilometers back). On my way to the ATM, I’ve met only one teen boy in the school uniform and five teen boys doing building jobs. Maybe, it was just because there is no school in the district. But who knows..


5 thoughts on “To survive in Jakarta, part. 2”

  1. Just read your story, and I am so embarrassed of what my country has done to you. I am glad that you two made it out okay. As an Indonesian myself, my advice to you and other tourists that read this is to refrain from walking alone out in desolated streets or market, especially at night in Jakarta. The gap between poor and rich in here is insanely large which results in high crime rate. In here there is even a saying that “the poorer you get, the more “rights” you have”. Let alone the streets, people sometimes even steal inside a five-star shopping center. So in Jakarta it’s better that you: 1. travel anywhere by car, 2. stay inside prestigious shopping centers or hotels, 3. don’t stand out too much.

    But then again, there is nothing to see in Jakarta, except concrete jungle. Bali is far better as tourist destination.

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    1. Wow, thank you for such a comprehensive answer! It is very cool to hear about the situation from the native people.

      Anyway that was an experience for us, and it happened because we thought that the capital of Indonesia is completely safe. Anyway, now we’ve became a bit cleverer, so we’ll always check all the details about the destinations before going, even if they seem safe.

      At least now we know what it takes to travel the places that are more dangerous than the usual touristic spots.

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