How I got addicted to travelling

When I was 17, I went to Australia for the IOI. During this trip I’ve realized how amazing travelling can be and felt that I really want to travel.

Later on, at the age of 18, I went to Taiwan for another IOI, that time as the delegation guest, in fact, the coach of the new team.

That time I’ve had 10 visited countries.

On one of August’s evenings, I was having some tea with one of my friends. At some moment, she told that much people get Schengen Visa nowadays and go to Lithuania and further. It was considered “cool” to go to Vilnius for the weekend. I agreed that it makes sense to have a city-break somewhere. I’ve applied for Spanish Schengen visa, because this one was the easiest, hoping that I can get mutiple entry visa and go to Warsaw, Poland (well, Polish Schengen was harder to get). But well, I failed, and got only 2-entry one. Well, no problem, I went to Spain instead of Poland. During that trip I’ve remembered the feelings I got during the travel to Australia.

It looked like a small impulse, but then I’ve completely addicted to discovering new places. Since then I was always planning some journey, everyday surfing the internet for the information about various places. When I did not have time, I just went to the parts of the city that were unknown to me, because this was also a discovery of something new and unknown.

If you really want to travel, you will travel. No matter, what funds or how much free time you have. Now it is about a year and 10 days after that talk.

Currently only 23 countries are visited, though 13 new countries are visited in 2015.

Africa, the both Americas and Antarctica aren’t visited at all. Where would you recommend to go in Africa? In the South America? Is there anybody who reached Antarctica and how much was the price for you?

Снимок экрана 2015-09-07 в 2.51.19Now I’ve got back from another trip. Just as a message for myself: “Never stop travelling”.


6 thoughts on “How I got addicted to travelling”

  1. Heard it’ll cost USD 5000 minimum to travel to Antarctica. The pros are that you can also visit Argentina or Chile in South America, where you’ll take the ship for Antarctica. So you can add 1 country and 2 continents to your travel map with 1 trip. Where are you from, by the way?


    1. Well, cruises from South America does cost starting from 500$ (if you’re lucky enough). Some time ago, I’ve came up with a “2000$ rule” together with my friend. It states that every major country can be visited from Belarus in a budget of 2000$ dollars or less (road, visa, accomodation). I’ve checked it on lots of countries and it was true.

      So, I think, 5000$ is not the lower bound 😉 Althogh many bloggers on this site are from rich countries and doesn’t actually need to save every dollar.

      Anyway, I think, visiting Antarctica is just a matter of time ..


  2. For a travel to Africa, I will advise you Morocco or Egypt to start . That part of Africa is call the Maghreb. They do have a rich culture, music and food. In Egypt you could see the pyramids if you want too. Then you can move south to Kenya or Tanzania for animal safaris. The Victoria falls in Zimbabwe are spectacular. And you can finish your African odyssey in South Africa which is among the top 10 tourist visited country in the world. Possibility from the Kruger park to the shark cage are endless..

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    1. Thank you for your reply!

      Actually I wouldn’t like to visit Egypt, because it is too popular nowadays, and I like rare destinations, where you can’t go with travel agency. Pyramids are too mainstream, you know 🙂

      I would start with some “easy” country like Cape Verde, where you don’t have to take anti-malarial drugs for about a month. I also want to visit Namibia, but the airfares make this trip too expensive. I would do it if I could visit some adjacent countries, but they require visa, so… Well, living in the country like Belarus is a big handicap for being a traveller.


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