Wednesday weekly post: Kangaro and Koala

On the 2-nd of September, I’ve introduced Wednesday weekly posts.

These posts are dedicated to the destinations I’ve travelled to, probably, some time ago. Maybe, even, a year or two ago. The posts will be about the sightseeing places, people, my adventures, namely – everything that can be connected with travelling. Are you interested? Do you want to give it a try? Feel free to subscribe to this blog, or just the tag “Wednesday Weekly Post”.

And yes, you’ve got it right – the posts will appear on Wednesdays 😉

P. S. : This doesn’t mean that I won’t post stuff on the rest of the days, if I have what to post.

Feel free to leave any feedback! I would love to read anything from you!

This post will be quite short (unlike the next ones, because I’ve just got back from another trip and have so much to write!).

During my trip to Australia, I’ve also visited the zoo in Beerwah. Among the recovered photos, I liked only a few – the ones with the classical Australian animals – kangaroo and koala.

2013-07-11 10.31.54 2013-07-11 10.46.04 One of the key points of the zoo is that you can pat a koala or a kangaroo. Indeed a great place!

2013-07-11 10.22.28That are the last photos I’ve managed to recover from the Australian trip. There was actually much more to show, but my phone with photos from this trip got broken in April 2014, so there were only a few that I’ve managed to find on the internet in my social networks accounts.

But all I wanted to say and show is that Australia is really a great place and when I will be able, I will surely get back. I am really lucky that I’ve managed to get there. In my opinion, the best English word that describes this country is “serenity”.

At last, I’ve recovered this photo of the Belarusian team. Our guide is in the centre, I am the second left guy.

2013-07-12 15.39.25


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