Wednesday weekly post: Novi Sad and Petrovardin

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I refer you to the beginning of my Serbian adventures. Last week I’ve told you about Belgrade, some habits of Serbs and their attitude to foreigners.

It would be too boring to stay in a single city for the whole week, so we’ve planned to go to Novi Sad. Apparently, there was a town Petrovardin that was accessible from Novi Sad by foot, so we’ve managed to kill two birds with one stone and visited the both.

But first things first, we needed to somehow get to Novi Sad. There were two options for us: either to go by bus, or to use the train. Not knowing anything about both, trains and buses in Serbia, we’ve decided to go by train.

Generally, it is very easy to get from Belgrade to Novi Sad by train. You don’t even need to check the timetable, because the trains go approximately every hour. The ticket costs for about 10 US dollars.

The train does a few stops on the way to Novi Sad. A typical railway station of a small town looks like this.

IMG_2139In 1.5-2 hours you’ll arrive to Novi Sad.

The city doesn’t look like Belgrade. It reminds of “old town” districts of the cities like Wroclaw, Warsaw or Prague. There are no major graffiti, that makes it a bit more “noble”. Like all small towns, Novi Sad has its’ own provincial charm.

IMG_2156 IMG_2150 IMG_2168There is a very nice park in Novi Sad, near from the bridge connecting this town with Petrovardin.

IMG_2180 IMG_2176 IMG_2186Near the bridge there is a memorial sign related to the victims of the armed conflict with NATO. Well, in this case, related to the victim of the particular bombardment – the bombardment of the bridge that we are going to cross. This is one more evidence that Serbs do remember all that the armed forces of EU and NATO has done to them about 15 years ago.

IMG_2190Look from the bridge is promising.

IMG_2195The main reason why people go to Petrovardin is that there is a fortress on the hill with an observation court in the upper part. When you cross the bridge, there will be two options for you – either to go to the observation court or to climb a hill in order to see abandoned part of the fortress inside.

We’ve decided to do the both.

IMG_2205 IMG_2220And here are the looks for which we walked in the different town.

Novi Sad.

IMG_2303 IMG_2318Petrovardin.

IMG_2326Time to get back to Novi Sad.

IMG_2334Perhaps you’ve noted that I haven’t told anything new about Serbs and their lifestyle. The reason is, though these two towns are completely different, the lifestyle of the people is completely the same.

My train to Belgrade was delayed by 50 minutes without any notification. I’ve got confused and asked a woman sitting nearby, whether there will be any train to Belgrade at all. She said that she actually waits for the same train but don’t know when it will arrive.

Later on, I was told that train timetables doesn’t mean much in Europe.


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