The boundaries of a runway in KLIA2 (for WPC, Boundaries)

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”

I love airports. The airport is always a place where you feel the spirit of adventures that you’re going to have soon.

As a budget traveller, I’ve not once slept in the airports – on the coaches, on the knees, in the fast food restaurants and simply on the floor. One of my long (10 hours) overnight layovers I’ve had in Kuala-Lumpur International Airport 2. This airport is one of the major low-cost airlines hubs in Asia, so you can meet a lot of different nationalities there. Lots of these people sleep in more secluded places, side by side. Summing this up with the common tiredness, that even gives you an impression that you’re in a refugee camp.

Once I’ve come across the outdoor place with the view of the runway of this airport in the night. On one side from me, there were people of different nationalities sleeping side-by-side, on the other – the runway with parked planes.

It isn’t so easy for me to find a place with such “adventurous” spirit in everyday life.



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