Wednesday Weekly Post: Carris Museum in Lisbon

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I have always wrote (and told) that the museums are mostly boring. But when I told that I have never meant Carris Museum in Lisbon – one of the best I’ve ever visited. It is also known as “tram museum” or “public transport museum”.

Now we need to clarify the things a bit. Actually, Lisbon is notorious for its’ old-style yellow trams that are completely the same as 50 years ago. And if you visit Lisbon, you will definitely meet these ancient trams – and they are actually a full value sightseeing place. So, I was going to this museum only to see more of these lovely trams, but it appeared that there’s a whole nice collection of public transport there.

The museum consists of three buildings. You will move between these buildings via one of these ancient trams, well, more comfortable that the one you’ll ride the city.

IMG_4661 IMG_4662

There I’ve met a portion of long-awaited ancient trams.

IMG_4672 IMG_4690 IMG_4691In Lisbon children often try to go for a free ride on the tram by jumping on one of its’ steps.

IMG_4688Different old buses. You can enter them, as well.

IMG_4708 IMG_4719 IMG_4722 IMG_4735 IMG_4737 IMG_4738And the operator’s cabin of Lisbon metro.

IMG_4744 IMG_4745The museum is located in tram depot of Lisbon. There I’ve found a canteen for tram drivers.

IMG_4750 IMG_4753It’s a good, authentic and cheap one, but be prepared that nobody will speak English there.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Post: Carris Museum in Lisbon”

  1. I see why you love old trams! They are very elegant with charm from an era when things were made with more quality and aesthetics in mind. Nice piece, thanks for posting, I may have to put Lisbon on my travel wishlist. 🙂


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