Back to Vilnius, again

My small November trip started with entering Schengen area in Lithuania. Well, almost nothing has changed since my last visit in February.

There are still a lot of cobbled streets in old town district.

IMG_2973And there are still lots of churches.

IMG_2965 What has changed is that there are a few new vandals’ stickers. Well, yeah, you are not in Serbia now.

IMG_2968Last time I didn’t know about Gediminas Tower. It is located on the hill, so you can have a good view of the whole town.

IMG_3002I didn’t manage to visit the new part of the town last time either.

IMG_3012The new part isn’t really big now, an hour will be enough to cross it from one corner to another.

IMG_3025Amazing contrasts.

IMG_3027Outside of the town, there are a few really big malls. Big grocery stores has traditional Lithuanian šakotis in store.

IMG_3028Cafe and restaurants were too expensive for two poor Belarusian students. We’ve bought a pack of pelmeni (meat dumplings) and cooked them by ourselves. 0.7 euro per person, overall. How else in Europe you can have a dinner at such price?

IMG_3029Choosing vodka.

IMG_3033Time to go further.


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