In the year 2015 I:

  • Fell in love with Lisbon
  • Spent winter holidays in Checz Republic
  • Realized that Italy is surely not for me
  • Cooked pelmeni in Lithuania
  • Competed in AI-programming competitions in Katowice and Wroclaw
  • Visited Malaysian street band concert in Kuala Lumpur
  • Got acquainted with a few Malaysians in Kuching
  • Took a photo with monks in Laos
  • Shooted with M16 in Cambodia
  • Worked on my remote job from Viet Nam
  • Was assaulted in Jakarta
  • Ate a salad with green tea leafs in Myanmar
  • Walked 40km daily in Singapore
  • Travelled Serbia for a week on 50 bucks overall
  • Bought an airport transfer for a bottle of vodka in Norway
  • Lived in a house without electric lightning in Denmark
  • Photoed myself with Middle East refugees in Sweden

Moreover, I’ve:

  • Got a Schengen visa for multiple entries, after 4 unsuccessful attempts
  • Got a sergeant status in Belarussian army
  • Finished two academic semesters with grades 8.0/10 and 9.2/10
  • Got to the finals of 3 international competitive programming competitions
  • Coached a Belarusian OI team
  • Planned trips to 10 more countries in 2016

It was a very successful year for me. I will do my best for the new year to be even more successful. 

Happy new year!


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