The streets do look like this.

IMG_4589IMG_4602Or like this.

IMG_4614There is a lot of views of the historical places.


IMG_4525 IMG_4539Royal palace.

IMG_4514 IMG_4511There is a few parks.



Luxembourg isn’t only about ruins, palaces and parks.

All the buses have the same design.

IMG_4449Phone box.

IMG_4472Microsoft Office.

IMG_4583A decorated cobblestone street.

IMG_4622 IMG_4623A wall.

IMG_4627From one hand, there is German language.

IMG_4630From the other hand there is French.

IMG_4631A playground.

IMG_4633 IMG_4634The stakes have lots of stickers.

IMG_4646Everything is being renovated and built.

IMG_4647Sleeping quarters.

IMG_4659A parking.

IMG_4661Fruit trade.

IMG_4663A cabaret.

IMG_4668Railway station.

IMG_4671Time to go further.



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