Monte Verde, Cabo Verde

Monte Verde is the highest point of San Vincente island. It is about 750 meters high.

After 2 hours walking in Mindelo, we’ve realized that there’s nothing more to watch, so we’ve decided to go to explore another part of the island. We’ve hired a taxi which driven us to this mountain. Such taxi-tour was rather cheap and costed for about 20 euros, but the landscape was really stunning, so it was totally worth it. As a bonus, you’ll get a safari in the poor districts and slums.

Making the first stop at the altitude about 500 meters above sea level.



Moving to the next viewpoint. 670 meters above sea level.



There is a few abandoned houses on the mountain. Perhaps they remained from the colonial times. Some people live in them.


There is no toilet in such houses. When one needs it, he just walks away from the house and does his stuff. There won’t be a photo-proof.

Moving forward. About 720 meters above sea level. The driver doesn’t want to go upper, perhaps, because of the bad road. But you can always climb by yourself.

The views from the top are totally stunning. The photos can’t reflect all the beauty of the place.


On the top, there is something like radio station, surrounded with a fence. The strangers are banned from entering it.


Some time ago, Monte Verde was “verde”.

There were cabbages.


There were peas.


There were tomatoes.

IMG_5897.JPGThere was dill.


There were cucumbers.


There was fertility. But now everything is abandoned.


When a taxi goes back, the driver beeps almost any time. There is a lot of hairpin bends, and the road is often too thin to accomodate two cars at the same time.




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