Minsk, 13.06.2016


Street-Art in Minsk

A year ago, if someone had asked me about any interesting places in Minsk, I would have been really confused, not knowing what to say.

Now I know about the sites like TripAdvisor. Let’s see what it would advise us on “where to go in Minsk”. Wow, a square, a memorial, a park, another square, two more memorials. That creates an impression that there is nothing to see but very standard things.

However, there are a few more things that I found more interesting that going to yet another museum. One of them is the wall of Victor Tsoy. I’ve mentioned it in my very first post.

10641139_697133997029897_9041326358433802245_nOne more thing I would recommend to see is street art in Minsk.

Let’s see what Lonely Planet tells about this city (well, apparently, about the whole country):

Belarus allows the chance to visit a Europe with minimal advertising and no litter or graffiti.

Well, now it is obvious for me that the person who wrote this visited the capital of Belarus for 3-5 days and probably didn’t go anywhere outside the touristic places. I won’t speak about litter in this post, let’s discuss graffiti.

So, let’s get acquainted with street art of Minsk.

Why not to paint on the embassy building?

IMG_2549There is a factory near “Pervomayskaya”. It also doesn’t mind any street art.

IMG_2717IMG_2719 IMG_2724 IMG_2732 IMG_2735A portrait, street-art style.

IMG_2744Let’s see what is painted on the fences.

IMG_2749 IMG_2752 IMG_2753 IMG_2754 IMG_2755 IMG_2758 IMG_2759Sponsored art.

IMG_2765Wall-art, smaller size.

IMG_2767 IMG_2768Not all the paintings are so nice, of course. There are also lots of simpler ones.

IMG_2777 IMG_2778 IMG_2779 IMG_2780 IMG_2781 IMG_2782 IMG_2783 IMG_2784 IMG_2785 IMG_2786

Everyday life: Railway stations in Belarus

As I currently have no time to write long posts about my winter trips (I will travel to Poland in 8 hours), I’ll create a short one with the the photoes of the typical railway station in Belarus. This is the railway station of a town called Mogilev, I have visited it two days ago.

IMG_5558 IMG_5545IMG_5575 IMG_5576IMG_5548 IMG_5549Luggage department.

IMG_5555IMG_5543The timetable.

IMG_5561The ticket offices.

IMG_5560 IMG_5564IMG_5571Closer to the trains.


Heritage of the USSR

(or what you can suddenly find in the old house)

Lot of time ago, my girlfriend’s Kate family bought a house. Later, they’ve found these things in the box from the lollipops under the bookshelf. Today, when looking for something on the attic, Kate have found this box again.

The text at the medals (from the leftmost one to the rightmost): the honor of labour reserves, for the labour during Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), Belarusian railway.


Belarusian railway (1871-1971).

10256941_349915541886114_495942653642497787_oFor labour during Great Patriotic War.

1979250_349915585219443_4550694825540976608_oMedal in honor of victory in the Great Patriotic Way. Text on the medal: “We have won!”

11053476_349915588552776_4885478876891709424_oThe honour of labour reserves.

11050325_349915545219447_4169050193726052476_oThe medal certificate.

11084140_349915458552789_2194145398473608116_oThe collection of poems in honor of 100 year from the birth day of Lenin. The title is “Lenin with us.”. There are only 5000 copies of it.

1500871_349915501886118_9194232645117019419_oA memory about Soviet Union.


Ad Censorship in Minsk Metro

Today I’ve came across this ad in the Minsk metro. Looks like an ordinary folk group, any idea why it was censored?


Censorship on ads isn’t a common thing in Belarus, so I have no idea, because the photoes of the band that I’ve found on the indernet look pretty normal (well, at least if we’re having in mind a folk/punk rock) group.

Where I live

First of all, hello, everybody, who reads that.

This is my fist post in this blog. My name is Sergey. I am 19 years old. Last time I travel much, so I am going to write here about my trips and maybe, share some other thoughts. As you’ve probably noted, English is not my native language, but I hope I’ll make it better, through writing articles here. In addition, I want to improve my writing skills, and readers’ opinion is important for me. So whatever you think on what I write, comment it! You will really make my day.

I live in Belarus, you’ve probably haven’t heard much about this country. The first post in every blog is a kind of “self introduction”. And because I am going to write about the place I visit, my self-introduction post will be about Minsk – the city I live in. All the photographs are made by myself. When I see some nice moment, I just want to capture it. I don’t have any specific equpmient, so I use my iPhone 5S’ camera. 1604473_747507925325837_5236753815990085081_nYep, that was the first photo. This photo is made in the district on the edge of the city. I’ve made it when it was winter. Then I’ve shared it at my facebook profile. In summer, the city looks different, and there’s also easier to catch a nice sunset scene. 10636298_697134280363202_4994379961563464221_nThe next is the place called Troitskoye Predmestie (“Троицкое Предместье”). I think this place can be found on typical Minsk postcards. 10616488_697134067029890_7382271536458243935_nIf you really want to, you can find some really nice places in Minsk. I will post only a few more photo of such places, and then will move on further with the other views. 10615544_697133960363234_7317134819771536490_n Apart from nice places, we’ve got a lot of various wannabe-graffitists here. 10600553_697134393696524_6748216959273338091_nAt the left there’s a sentence “БОГА НЕТ”. Well, in Russian that means “God does not exist”. Ironically, this fence is located not far from one of the most popular churhes of Minsk, in the center of the city. Umm, there you can see a lot of different attempts. 10646903_697134223696541_7007466035134276076_nActually, we don’t have troubles with vandalism here. These views are more like exceptions from the rule. 10641139_697133997029897_9041326358433802245_nOne hundred meters from the house I live in, there is such a wall. I don’t think that if you take an excursion tour in Minsk, somebody will take you here. This is so-called “Victor Tsoy’s wall”. Victor Tsoy is the cult singer in the 1990-s in the USSR. When he passed away, the fans began to write their thoughts in order to express their pain on this loss. Nicely, nobody banned them from doing so. You may find this place similar to John Lennon’s wall in Prague (I will write about it later), but here everything is devoted to this particular person. For the comparison, in Prague you can also see some slogans for Chechoslovakia breakup. Inside of one of the parks there is a memorial in honor of the people who were defending Belarus in different times. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIt is really popular to decorate anything with flowers. Here is a part of cortyard of Belarusian State University, where I study. IMG_1505

I like ordinary things in the cities. Here is the new metro station in Minsk.

IMG_5450 IMG_5451

A metro train inside.