Cat Cafe in Vilnius

Cat Cafe is one of the most cute and pleasant sights of Vilnius. Somehow, I didn’t hear about it during my last two visits.

The logo of the cafe is a cat with a bow tie.




What is totally amazing about this cafe is that children of 6 years and younger are forbidden to enter. Perhaps this is done to protect cats and chidren, but it is great that you won’t hear any child cry during your rest.

A seat has a toy to play with cats.


There’s a lot of cat related books everywhere.




The staff.


There are staff photos on the walls just in case you’re curious about the name of some particular cat.


The cats don’t hesitate to sit at the tables and differently interact with visitors.


There is even a “catbook” (ref. to Facebook) with the story of each of the cats working at the cafe. All cats are brought from the animal shelter.


The food is also great.


But we’ve came here for cats, of course 😉

Totally amazing. Ten kitten pads of appreciation out of ten. I’ll be back.


Pylimo street, Vilnius

Vilnius was the first stop on my way through Europe to Cape Verde Islands.

Earlier I’ve decided to discover Vilnius gradually, as it often appears in my European travels.

Today I’ve discovered Pylimo street which is an interesting example of mixing of the old and the new.

Embrasures and PVC windows.



Street art.



Sushi bar.



Back to Vilnius, again

My small November trip started with entering Schengen area in Lithuania. Well, almost nothing has changed since my last visit in February.

There are still a lot of cobbled streets in old town district.

IMG_2973And there are still lots of churches.

IMG_2965 What has changed is that there are a few new vandals’ stickers. Well, yeah, you are not in Serbia now.

IMG_2968Last time I didn’t know about Gediminas Tower. It is located on the hill, so you can have a good view of the whole town.

IMG_3002I didn’t manage to visit the new part of the town last time either.

IMG_3012The new part isn’t really big now, an hour will be enough to cross it from one corner to another.

IMG_3025Amazing contrasts.

IMG_3027Outside of the town, there are a few really big malls. Big grocery stores has traditional Lithuanian šakotis in store.

IMG_3028Cafe and restaurants were too expensive for two poor Belarusian students. We’ve bought a pack of pelmeni (meat dumplings) and cooked them by ourselves. 0.7 euro per person, overall. How else in Europe you can have a dinner at such price?

IMG_3029Choosing vodka.

IMG_3033Time to go further.