Evening photoes: Botanical garden of Singapore

Like the fountain show, botanical garden is also one of the places you can visit for free in quite expensive Singapore. The garden itself is quite large one, my iPhone’s tracker showed me that I’ve had to walk for about 10 kilometers in order to visit every place in it. It is also a great place to visit during Singapore’s midday hot, because it has a lot of sun hideouts.

IMG_0878 IMG_0893 IMG_0898 IMG_0905If you visit it, don’t forget to visit the rainforest part.

IMG_0929There’s also a very nice orchid garden. It costs 5$ to enter (or 1$ if you’re a student), but it worths of it.

IMG_0954 IMG_0953 IMG_0951 IMG_0949 IMG_0946 IMG_0960 IMG_0985 IMG_0993 IMG_0996 IMG_0998 IMG_1042 IMG_1032 IMG_1015 IMG_1007 IMG_1002Highly advisable to all flower lovers!


Evening photoes: Singapore’s fountain show

Fountain show in Singapore is one of the most stunning performances I’ve ever seen. I’ve initially underestimated it, because I’ve tried to watch it from Merlion’s observation place. But it located too far to see all the beauty of this event.


I’ve eventually noted that the show is actually better that I’ve thought when I was at the top of Marina Bay Sands. I’ve realized that there’s actually a story that is being told by the light and the fountain, not just meaningless random enabling of lasers.

Finally, I’ve got a good observation spot. It was located on the opposite shore from Merlion’s observation place, on the territory of the hotel. I was able to enjoy the show at its best. Ah, now I feel a bit sad about people who watched it from Merlion’s observation place. They’ve most probably didn’t got the point of the show.

The show itself tells a life story. It starts at 20:00 and 21:30 and lasts for 10 minutes. Also, it is one of “free” things in Singapore, but be sure to arrive in 30-50 minutes advance, because people start to occupy the best spots very early. I’ve came 35 minutes before the show and almost all the space was occupied. Luckily, there was a small clearance for me.

The show is so perfect that it can even make you drop a tear.








At last, here is a little “bonus” – Singapore’s “Fountain of Wealth” photo.


Marina Bay, Singapore

Marina Bay is the most popular and a very picturesque place in Singapore, and, perhaps, in South-East Asia. I’ve visited it today.

If you come somewhere to South-East Asia, feel free to add Singapore to your trip. If you have confirmed onward tickets in 96 hours, you won’t even need to solve any visa questions.

IMG_0596 IMG_0834 IMG_0781