Taipei: Metro

Probably, the last post in my Taiwan series will be about Metro in Taipei. Why metro? Well, because I like ordinary aspects of life of the citizens in the particular places. Whatever, all that towers, museums, temples, fortresses reflect only the past of the place. In order to discover at least something of the present, you need to look at what is around you. I always try to follow this rule.

From the first glance, metro in Taipei looks rather complicated. Nevertheless, it appeared for me to simpler that I have met in Prague, five moths later my Taiwan trip.

The first thing you meet is the ticket automate. This is quite natural thing from all the countries I have visited. Only in Minsk, the tickets are still being sold by human.

IMG_1026If you look closer to the what is on the top of the automaton, you’ll see a metro map. The numbers, written in the circles are prices you need to pay for the travel to this station.

IMG_1029Metro tokens.

IMG_1043 IMG_1042

In order to pass the turnstile, you need to bring your token to the scanning device. Then, you’ll be able to enter.

IMG_1027Inside of the station.

IMG_1032 IMG_1034Inside of the train.

IMG_1194 IMG_1036Taiwanese people do care about the disabled/old/pregnant people. Do you see those dark blue seats on the lower photo? (if you don’t, they’re probably for you) They’re reserved for those who is in need of them. I was warned that people won’t understand if I seat at these seats. And I haven’t seen anybody without some “visible” reason, using them. In fact, in some Slavic countries I have also seen the “priority seats”, but they we treated like regular seats, and left unnoticed.



Taipei: Cute advertisements

Maybe for the residents of Asian countries it might be a little bit strange that I create such a blog post. Nevertheless, neither in Belarus, nor in Shengen States the advertisements are much different. The look strict, but at the same time, I feel they’re totally unattractive.

I have felt some contrast when I have met cute Asian ads.

IMG_0618 IMG_0620 IMG_0623 IMG_1197 IMG_1199 IMG_1204 IMG_0586So much better!

Taiwan: The culture trip

The classic culture is always a thing that you need to get acquanted with in order to understand the country you travel better.

Here are the photoes of my trip to one of culture centers in Taiwan. To be honest, I don’t remeber the name of the town where this center was located.

Inside of the temple.

IMG_0659 IMG_0663 IMG_0664Just a nice pond. I like nice ponds, why not?

IMG_0669IMG_0670Near to the temple, there is a scene. Now it’s empty, but then there will be a performance.

IMG_0688On the edge, opposite to the entrance, there is an amphitheatre.

IMG_0677IMG_0696The performance begins on the street. As far as I remember, the performance is in Taiwanese language. I had been told, that Taiwanese isn’t really popular among Taiwan youth nowadays and older generations know it better.

IMG_0735 IMG_0736 IMG_0739 IMG_0743 IMG_0750And then moves to the scene.

IMG_0821 IMG_0831 IMG_0848 IMG_0861 IMG_0864 IMG_0873 IMG_0905At the end, I have managed to make a photo together with one of the performers.


Taipei 101: A view from 452 meters above the ground

I go on with my Taiwan memories. Hopefully, I haven’t bored you yet.

The next hero is Taipei 101 – as I have told, the fifth-tallest skyscraper in the world. It deserves the separate blog post, as it has impressed me (I am embarassed to say, I have never been on the top of a skyscraper before) much.

As you may have probably guessed, the photoes are made at the last floor of this building. According to WikiPedia, it is located 452 meters above the ground.

No words are needed, just look.

IMG_1060 IMG_1070 IMG_1073 IMG_1084 IMG_1091You might not visit a museum or something, but vising the top floor of Taipei 101 is a must. The bright lights of the cars far away and the lights of the buildings from this height make a kind of masterpiece, that you’ll want observe for a really long time.

Apart from that, Taipei 101 has the world’s fastest elevator. About 39 seconds are needed to reach the top floor of the building.

IMG_1048It’s a Guinness world record.

Taipei: A night walk

This post does not make much sense. One day, approximately at 1 AM, I went out of my hotel room. I have walked about 4 metro stations and got back.

Night road signs. There is almost no traffic on the street, I haven’t met that during a day time.

IMG_0654On the lower pointer it’s written: “RenAi Rd.”. RenAi is “love” in Japanese, as far as I know. Quite nice idea to name streets and roads.

Some ads.

IMG_0629Metro station.

IMG_0634Streets with almost no people.

IMG_0632 IMG_0643A night shop.


Bright lights.


Pedestriants have right of way.

IMG_0640A little square.


Taipei: A lot of Little Things

I will start telling my stories from the summer of 2014. In 2014 I went to Taiwan. So far, this is the cutest country I have ever visited! Some russian-speaking bloggers compare it to Japan, but I can’t say so because I haven’t been there. But I have liked Taiwan a lot. What’s more about the cuteness, there will be a cute story at the end of the post.

I’ve stayed in Taipei and visited Lugang during one of the culture trips inside of the country.

In this post, I will mostly post the photoes of the details of the city, such as views, roadsigns, houses, advertisements. I always do pay attention to these things because this is what makes you feel the athmosphere of the place. The churches, museums and the rest deserve to be mentioned as well, but on the other hand once you realised that all of them are similar from some point.

But the main detail that I can’t express completely in the photo is that the people are really nice and helpful. And a lot of people know English very well.

Let’s go!

I lived in Grand Hyatt Taipei. Here’s the view from the elevator hall.

IMG_0349The skyscraper Taipei 101 is the fifth-tallest building in the world, as for 2014.

IMG_0450The building itself is connected to the world trade center.

IMG_0469 IMG_0472Houses in the centre of the city.

IMG_0476 IMG_0479..And not so bright houses.

IMG_0521 IMG_0523If you look at the map, you’ll note that Taipei isn’t really large. Lot of people use scooters in order to save place. The scooters are really a trend.

IMG_0527An advertisement that covers a whole building. A common thing.

IMG_0531The bus timetable.

IMG_0532And the bus.

IMG_0539Lovely small streets! Again, look at the number of the scooters. It was completely impossible to walk along the side of the streets because a lot of them were parked there.

IMG_0540 IMG_0543 IMG_0544Nice view: small strees x towering Taipei 101.

IMG_0549A small (shop?).

IMG_0551More crowded little street.

IMG_0565Road signs.

IMG_0561IMG_0579 IMG_0582Road markings.

IMG_0584 IMG_0572The playground.

IMG_0577The children, playing in the fountain.

IMG_0589The demonstration.

img_0625 img_0624 As the last, but not the least, I will tell story, happened to me when I was walking through some of the streets in the centre of Taipei. During my walk, somebody attracted my attention by pulling my shorts. It appeared to be 70-90 cm little boy with his even smaller little sister. I did not understand anything, ’cause I was clearly looking like a foreigner, and it is not really a good idea to ask the foreigner when you can ask somebody else. He was looking at me, when I said: “Do you need help?”. His answer was: “Yes! Follow me.”. Well, here I have got surprised for the first time: wait, a little Taiwanese child really knows such words in English. Hey, I can show you as much as you want belarusian highschoolers, not aware of what does “Hello” and “Thank you” mean. I have followed him and his little sister. We just walked for a very little while, tell we’ve reached the crossroad. The children stood silently, pointing me at this crossroad. After a little while, they boy looked confused and started to speak Chinese to me. I could not say anything but “I don’t understand” (in English, well). A couple, walking on this street saved us, by asking a boy, what does he want to say. It appears that the boy thought that I have got lost and he decided to show me the way to my hotel. Ah, it is the nicest thing somebody unknown ever made to me! After I have said “It is really nice of you!”, I have walked to my next destination, with a very good mood.