Eindhoven, The Netherlands

A queue to the ATM.


Central streets.






In the beginning of February, there is a major carnival in North Brabant province of The Netherlands. Unlike in Cabo Verde, or in Lisbon, everyone participates (not only youth).



Leaving the center and going to the living districts.


Some street-art appears.




Old 3D paint.


I’ve chosen Eindhoven for a day-long transit stay without knowing anything about the carnival. Needless to say, all hotels and even airbnb were incredibly expensive. That made me try Couchsurfing for the first stay. The process of looking for the host deserves a big separate post. Eventually, a kind woman Bertie let me an my girlfriend to sleep one night at her house.




I’ve seen this building on photos a lot of times, even before visiting Netherlands. Quite disappointing, it had figured out that this is clothing just a shop with a strange name “Sissy Boy”.


In the evening, the street was completely littered.


In the morning, everything was perfectly clean and deserted.







Way Back from Africa. Lisbon: cosplay-carnival, sights, street-art

Lisbon is still a city of a dream…

…with its’ cosy tiled streets…



…and its’ creative paintings…



IMG_7610.JPG…and its’ street art…




…and its’ cute funiculars…


…and its’ tiled houses…


…and its’ Christ statue…


…and its’ magnificent architecture…


…and its’ main square…


…and its’ cheerful youth…






…and its’ festivals…


…and its’ vulgar nuns!


Wednesday weekly post: My trip to Brisbane, Australia for IOI 2013

From now on, I introduce Wednesday weekly posts.

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The first story in the line is about my trip to Australia for the International Olympiad in Informatics (wiki, official site). This trip has been a crucial milestone in my life. It changed myself, and, for example only then I’ve realized that I like travelling and I want to travel a lot. Thanks to this trip, I’ve got acquainted with very nice people from different places of the globe and got unforgettable experience.

I lived in the campus of Cromwell College of the Queensland University of Brisbane. The rooms are single.

2013-07-06 15.49.38There was a nice view from the windows to the ordinary Brisbane’s street. By the way, it was in July, so this is exactly how winter in Brisbane looks.

2013-07-06 15.49.08The venue of the contest is a large hall.

2013-07-10 16.39.07 2013-07-10 16.40.13 2013-07-10 16.40.18After the first tour of the competition, we’ve managed to go to the city with Kevin, our guide.

2013-07-08 20.12.49Brisbane is awesome. It’s really a pity I don’t live here. Regardless of the 2011’s flood, the city looked nice already in 2013.

2013-07-08 20.19.10 2013-07-08 20.21.21…and modern…

2013-07-08 20.49.52 2013-07-08 20.11.07 2013-07-08 20.59.03Characteristic feature of the developed countries: the taxophones are not broken.

2013-07-08 20.23.06The garbage bins.

2013-07-08 20.22.58 2013-07-08 20.25.12We’ve got back home by a ferry.

2013-07-08 22.08.59On the next day we went to Sunshine Coast to the sea.

2013-07-09 11.03.15 2013-07-09 11.05.51 2013-07-09 11.12.29 2013-07-09 15.06.37All belarusian participants.

2013-07-09 10.53.58 I had long hair that time.

2013-07-09 10.55.28

To be continued.

Evening photoes: Botanical garden of Singapore

Like the fountain show, botanical garden is also one of the places you can visit for free in quite expensive Singapore. The garden itself is quite large one, my iPhone’s tracker showed me that I’ve had to walk for about 10 kilometers in order to visit every place in it. It is also a great place to visit during Singapore’s midday hot, because it has a lot of sun hideouts.

IMG_0878 IMG_0893 IMG_0898 IMG_0905If you visit it, don’t forget to visit the rainforest part.

IMG_0929There’s also a very nice orchid garden. It costs 5$ to enter (or 1$ if you’re a student), but it worths of it.

IMG_0954 IMG_0953 IMG_0951 IMG_0949 IMG_0946 IMG_0960 IMG_0985 IMG_0993 IMG_0996 IMG_0998 IMG_1042 IMG_1032 IMG_1015 IMG_1007 IMG_1002Highly advisable to all flower lovers!

Myanmar, the beautiful

Or, as the poster at the airport states, Golden Myanmar.

Except for slums, there are also some things that can attract attention and make an impression.

So, why Myanmar was called “golden”. Outside of Yangon there are two golden pagodas. One is rather small,

IMG_0004IMG_0038 IMG_0036another is quite big and is called Shwedagon pagoda.

IMG_0072 IMG_0085 IMG_0130 IMG_0114Lots of guides provide tours in Shwedagon, but these tours are no use because guides’ English is even worse than mine.

Another pagoda is located in the centre of Yangon and is called Sule Pagoda. It is highlighted at night, so it looks nice at any time.

IMG_9896Apart from “golden” pagodas, there is also “golden” restaurant.

IMG_0284OK, enough with gold. Near Sule Pagoda there is a nice national independency monument (which photo I’ve accidentaly lost) in a nice park. Right there, there’s one of official buildings – a rare case of Myanmar building that looks good.

IMG_0311 IMG_0312At last, on halfway to Shwedagon Pagoda, there is a nice park where you can find the “golden” restaurant that I’ve mentioned above.

IMG_0262 IMG_0259 IMG_0258 IMG_0255

Everyday life in Myanmar

Myanmar (former Burma) is the most unusual and distinctive country I’ve ever visited. Regardless of the common poorness – some sources say that average salary in Myanmar is about 27$ a month, and the country looks, well, as a country where the average salary is really 27$ a month – I will be glad to get here again and to travel the country in more detailed way for, say, a month.

IMG_0317 IMG_0297Myanmar men should pass six months monastery service. They mostly do it in the childhood.

IMG_0209People sell anything.

IMG_0322Make bonfires on the central streets.

IMG_0306Astrologers play major role in Myanmar. For example, in 2005, the capital was moved from Yangon to Naypyidaw strictly according to astrologer’s advices. Burma was renamed to Myanmar, again, at the time that was told by the astrologers. Anyone can consult an astrologer or a palmer.

IMG_0291Till 2012 Myanmar was ruled by Military junta. There were a lot of military conflicts, some are still going. Below is a social ad against the war.

There is a young boy at the ad. It is because children suffered much during Myanmar’s wars. During war conflicts, children were often used as a human shield, and sometimes were released to the minefileld for demining. Consciption age was at 12. In 2001, a group of 15 soldiers aged 13-15 put 15 women to death. Yangon is calm now.

IMG_0324Both, Myanmar men and women wear traditional long skirts.

IMG_9945Mostly women use traditional sunscreen cream.

IMG_9962Sometimes you can meet a hen walking on the street.

IMG_9974People like noodles. Unlike in the rest Indochina, noodles are being served with chicken bouillon and spicy salad that is itself is completely non-edible, but when added to the noodles, adds them a bit more spicyness.

IMG_9903Myanmar cuisine has a salad with tea leaves.

IMG_0313Needless to say, all this food is very cheap.

Street food.

IMG_9890 IMG_9889 IMG_9911Street ad.

IMG_0207Railway station.

IMG_0203Railway terminal.

IMG_0249 IMG_0247 IMG_0241Yangon.